Who Are We

Years ago, we set ourselves to create the best paper writing experiences on tablets. We want people to enjoy the freedom of handwriting and be able to organise all your documents in a single place effortlessly. We believe that in the future handwritten notes should be available in digital format.


The idea of Noteful is simple, but its potential is excellent as the basis for taking handwritten notes daily. We did it because we wanted a high-quality app that is powerful and simple for anyone to use. This is why we decided to make a completely new app from the ground up. We are so excited to share it with you!


Take Beautiful Handwritten Notes

  • Natural, fluid and precise writing experience
  • Precise handwriting on iPad natively works with Apple Pencil
  • Custom-built ink engine that captures and converts your strokes into high-resolution vector ink
  • 3 brushes available: ballpoint pen, fountain pen and highlighter
  • Switch between pen sizes and colour
  • Recognising geometrical shapes

Markup, Highlight, Annotate

  • Import PDFs, MS Office documents to a notebook
  • Add images, shapes and typed text to notes
  • Use multiple paper templates in a single notebook
  • Export and share handwritten annotations as PDF
  • Use Quick Create to create a new notebook for quick sketch

Powerful Tagging

  • Organise quickly by tagging with #tag or even #nested/tag anywhere in notebooks
  • More flexible than folders. Notes can be organised by subjects, by topics or by priorities
  • Browse notebooks or pages by tags
  • Rename, delete or re-assign tags to easily re-organise your library

Layers in Notebook

  • Add annotation on separate layers without changing original content
  • Hide or show layers independently
  • Rearrange layers

All your notes, all the time

  • Sync to all your iPhone and iPad devices
  • Take textbooks, slides, handwritten notes and PDF documents with you wherever you go

Powerful editing

  • Erase strokes with precise eraser
  • Double tap on Apple Pencil to switch to eraser tool
  • Move and resize annotations with lasso tool
  • Unlimited undo, redo
  • Support Split View for multitasking

Audio record Notes

  • Record audio while you take notes
  • Audio playback position synced with the notes

Modern app design

  • A minimalist UI that maximises content space
  • Streamlined design that requires fewer taps for common functions
  • Different orientations are available for the main toolbar
  • A clean UI that lets you focus on note-taking and the content

Future Update

We are working hard on the next coming features. Please share with us what features you would like to see.